Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finding The Unexpected at Theatre Antique, Arles

During buying trips, I often take Sunday to feel France..its people, places, food...its beauty!
On my recent Sunday in Arles in Southern France, I wandered without a goal....
My walk led me into "Theatre Antique"...the Roman Theater begun by Augustus in 1st century.

Never expecting to see among the ruins...
a trio of teenage boys, one using the ancient columns and walls to practice "Parkour" moves.

Parkour was developed in France around 1988.. credit is given to David Belle is Lisses, France.
The body moves around obstacles with speed and efficiency...
vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping!

I talked to the young man, exchanged emails...
in a few days he sent me a YouTube with a friend performing Parkour...

In Parkour, you never stop moving...

As in life, if you reach an obstacle,
you must always continue forward!

What a lesson to learn....from visiting the ruins in Arles...
An unexpected discovery!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Look Where I Stayed in Paris!

How would you like this Paris window view each morning?? (8am, December).

Last week, I stayed with my American friend, Victoria, who enjoys this window
in her great apartment in the 6th arrondisement (metro:Odeon).

She shot these photos while I was there....I envy her eye and her apartment!

This will make you hop out of bed, throw open the window,
and breathe new life..
Leaving the view only long enough to bring back the first morning espresso...

Glad I was not the one off to the kitchen to make the espresso.
Or...seeing the golden Eiffel Tower with its rotating beacon just before going to bed...
(same window, 8pm)

Oh, the dreams this view can spark....

Victoria, on the Pont des Arts bridge with its famous love locks on the fence
and view of Eiffel Tower in the background...

My trip timing was perfect for one of her Paris meetup groups...
The group was filled with an interesting, welcoming mix of women and men..
loved their stories of what led them to Paris.

The hot pumpkin soup, homemade brownies, champagne and more
was not the only things that warmed my heart...
They eagerly wanted info on my blog, quickly inviting me to other expat meetings..
making me think...would it be time to make Paris home?

and Victoria has the most interesting job ...

I guess she takes her own advice about living with pleasure!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paris's Venus des Arts Statue

My walk down Rue de Seine, enjoying the various galleries....
suddenly turned into an intriguing surprise...

as I glanced to the small side street, Rue Jacques Callot...
A lifesize bronze statue commanded my full attention!

The art palette first caught my eye..

As I walked to the rear of the statue...a double bass

A pile of 12 books wedged inside..

Artist's brushes...

a broken picture frame...

Standing back....I take in the front view of the splintered torso..

Focusing on the head..sliced into 5 sections..

The bronze statue is by the French-American sculptor Arman and was erected around 1988.

This is not a statue you will want to view quickly...
"La Palette" cafe just beside!

Learned today from Elaine, who follows my blog...
Arman's father was an "antique dealer" in Nice...a great connection.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

French Antique Fairs....See What I See

This fair was only for professional antique dealers and you must present identification and pay a fee to enter..

Remember "everything is fair in love and war"...
So it is everyone for themselves when an antique/brocante fair opens!
We want to find the best pieces for our clients, so quickly trying to see something special before another spots it first.

At 8am normally the gates open and the French dealers start unloading their trucks.

No time for breaks...the French dealers start loading everything back on their trucks at 1pm...

Trying not to step on the cute dogs...dogs go everywhere in France

Paintings can be displayed formally on easels...

Or paintings worth thousands of dollars scattered on the floor...
Good idea to watch where you step!

I loved this young girl, looking at her book, with her doll close at hand...
The artist captured her beautiful, angelic face !

Or this woman artist, painting among the garden...dressed as if ready to attend a gala...American artist did this one.

Remember reminding your children not to get paint on their clothes?..
Not a worry here.

Find a frame for that painting that needs the perfect partner.

tapestries....loved the red roof and blue water.

Italian doors...

pieces from buildings...

Architectural fragments waiting for a creative eye ....

Dig deep in the unopened boxes...

Pair of 19th century bronze Venetian fabulous the patina of the bronze.

new ideas...lamp made from binders of old books

mirrors...gilt or silver...all shapes and sizes

Never overlook the tables...covered with a wealth of treasures!

Did your heart long for any of the pieces...I can contact the dealers.
Email me!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunset in Arles

On Sunday, visited sky at sunset near where Van Gogh painted "The Starry Night" and "The Yellow House".

Then...the next morning, found this painting of red sky !!!!

I see why French artist are drawn to paint the French sky.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paris Christmas Market

The perfect photo shoot location for the Eiffel Tower at night....

From the top of the Ferrris Wheel off Champs-Elysees near Franklin Roosevelt Metro stop....overlooking the Christmas Market lining the street.

My first stop....cotton candy!! I ate ALL of good thing about traveling alone. Cotton candy in France tastes just like I remember when I was 6 years old...none of that over processed sugar that I now find in US.

Known in France as " Barbe A Papa"... Papa's beard.

My tummy shouted no more sugar as I passed this wonderful chalet selling chocolate....they break off a piece from the large sheets depending on the size you wish.

I could not pass up this salmon being grilled by the open fire...
Quickly ignoring the cotton candy now lining my tummy.

The salmon was served in a baguette with lettuce and a white sauce, similar to mayonnaise.....excellent flavor....a bit smokey crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. Probably the best flavor of any of my long list of grilled salmon dishes.

I am not a sausage fan, but this was one BIG grill with every sausage known.

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And no Christmas market would be complete without waffles covered in powdered sugar or chocolate...or chocolate topped with whipped cream.

Diet starts when I return to Atlanta !!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Walking" Opens Your Eyes

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Today was one of the those crisp, fall days in Atlanta...
One of those days that beckons you to walk.

I have "driven" past this Inman Park home soooo many times....
Without "seeing".

On my walk, I lingered and imagined....
The pleasure each day of walking up to the door.

This home is lucky to have a creative owner with a heart for beauty..
I wanted to peek in the windows!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beauty in Chattanooga

What a wonderful surprise to find more than you expect..
so was my first trip Saturday to Chattanooga.

Beauty and sculptures abound in the Bluff View Art District.

My favorite?
"Icarus" by Russell Whiting

ready to leap off the bank and soar over the river

My biggest surprise?

Deborah Butterfield's horse sculpture appeared to be from driftwood...
Actually cast bronze with patina.

She is known for her graceful sculptures of horses that look like they are made of wood.
I never would have guessed!

I love groups of "3" much warmer than only 2

"Adolescence" by William King

"Grandfather".....he captured the love.

Remember the 'jacks' we played as children...are you that old 'too'?
A new twist called "Walking Jackman" by Ernest Trova.
"Couple in Two Benches" by George Segal appear to be looking over the river...or at each other!

So much more to discover in Chattanooga...
But I favor leaving more for another trip.

I so enjoyed, I can already feel Chattanooga calling me back!
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