Friday, July 29, 2011

Orchestra Ink Drawings....Felicia Pacanowska

In June, I purchased many original works coming from the estate of Felicia Pacanowska.
My Paris dealer had acquired many special pieces from her sons, now living in Italy.

Her pen and ink studies of the orchestra caught my eye...
I favor when an artist leaves something for our imagination....
Her drawings let me feel the movement...

the long hours of practice and more practice...

hear the music...

My heart fell for Pacanowska's pen...
the color, the design.
She always carried her sketchbook, pen, and ink from China.
Always prepared for what she might discover.

Her works take on special meaning, after learning the hardships of her life.
She was born in 1907 in Poland to an artistic family and in 1932 moved to Paris to study with the School of Paris.
During the war, she lived under extremely dangerous conditions and learns her parents died under hands of Nazis.

She loses all of her art works and supplies...but continues her passion for art and life.
In 1947, she returned to Paris and begins again...
painting, drawing, etching, watercolors, and pastels.

My drawings above are dated soon after...1949,
The joy and passion she captures in her art...
the beauty of music...
after all that she saw and felt..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rent a Floating Barn....and Change Your Life

I love discovering a new food, place, idea.....a new experience.
"The Balancing Barn" caught my attention for holiday rental.

The Dutch firm, MVRDV, lived up to their worldwide reputation of designing with
"ingenuity, playfulness, and comfort".

Why floating??
MVRDV's answer....
" its footprint is smaller and the landscape feels much larger,
and to make a gesture that would stick in our minds"

The Barn is located on edge of nature reserve, only a few miles from UK's Suffolk coast,
and is available for 3 night week-end rental and longer through
Living Architecture.

Living Architecture's Alain de Botton, is driven by his belief
"architecture changes our characters"
and wants "people to think more about what buildings do to us".

The Swiss-British author, philosopher, and broadcaster did not stop
with writing his recent book, The Architecture of Happiness.
He realized "talking and writing aren't always enough" and decided
"to have a go at making some good architecture".

He added a twist....and made the experience available to the public with holiday rentals.

Want to wake up and shake up your senses???

The living room sways when guest move...
creating a "sense of floating in air".

And with those window views, you may never turn on the TV.

Did it stick in your mind?
Want to book? Sleeps 8!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

French Paintings and Texas Skies

French artist have a love affair with the beauty of the sky.
On my recent French trip, I found this moon-lit night by Georges Dieterle (1844-1937) .

I immediately thought of the skies in Texas....

On my first trip to Round Top, Texas 5-6 years ago..
heading to Marburger Farm Antique Show...
after driving 14 hours in a truck filled with French art and antiques...
on my last road, my last 2-3 miles... hovering above horses grazing early in the morning.....
a rainbow welcomes me.

I knew then, I loved Texas!

Whether it is blue skies and rainbows,
or sunsets that beckon you to grab the camera...
Texas skies deliver beauty.

French artists should visit Texas...
they may wish to stay!!

Come see for yourself...
Marburger Farm Antique Show
Round Top, Texas
Opening day: September 27, 2011.

Bring your paints or camera for the sky...
and a truck for the antiques!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Messenger" Dog....Paris Style

This is truly "man's best friend"....French style.

Work could not stop this Paris "messenger" from being with his 4-legged friend.
I watched as the messenger returned to his motorcycle from a delivery...
He lovingly spread the red comfy cloth....
Gently with his hand...pushed down the center...
As if preparing a cradle for his baby!

Once...everything was just right..
It was time for his dog to take his upfront seat..
Riding off to another delivery.

Goggles to protect his eyes!

This is better than doggy day camp!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The French Art of Presentation

Walking past the window display...I am curious.
What are they advertising??

Partially painted canvas, artfully wrapped as a dress...
Makeup brushes tucked into a belt of cord.

Eye-catching, Creative.....Flair!

presented as
paint on an artist palette...

brushes waiting to create.

Decorated as an artist studio, atelier

Paintings scattered..

The French understand intrique is best when not revealing all.

Curiosity is priceless

The Art of Color"
written on the glass

A traditional makeup display would not have caught my eye....
The Art of Presentation!
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