Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lilamand, Master of Fruit Confits!

In Saint-Remy-de-Provence, Pierre Lilamand continues 5 generations of producing
the most wonderful "Fruit Confits".

Whole Baby Pineapples....


The process starts with perfect fruit...not blemished nor bruised...not too ripe!
Much of his fruit is grown especially for Lilamand, using old varieties.

All work is done by hand since 1866 in a process taking 3-4 months...

The fruit is peeled, boiled in large vats of sugar and glucose 7-8 times for several weeks until the water in the fruit is completely replaced by sugar!

Then fruit is left in sugar syrup for 2 months before being dried for a week on rack.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Do French Antique Dealers Do With Baby Gloves and Booties?

How to move a chandelier without damaging crystals?

This French antique dealer wins on creativity...
Plus, he can quickly unpack and present his perfect chandelier!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Can You Imagine a Designer "Elephant" Chair??

One of designer Bernard Rancillac's "Elephant" chairs was on sale at Paris auction. Signed and numbered 51 of 100 made.
Estimate over $5000!

In the same auction, Humberto and Fernando Campana's "Favela" was up for sale.

Made from many small pieces of wood!
Estimate $2000!

Friday, June 21, 2013

France Welcomes Summer.... With MUSIC!

For 32 years in France, June 21( first day of summer) is a night long music fair!

It is like a combination of Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and College Home Coming all rolled into one musical night!

On every street, almost every cafe....bands play or DJs spin their best.

Who drew this big crowd?
Someone famous?

Well, not famous yet....but definitely loved by all!

Every type music imaginable...

Every fan imaginable...

This was my favorite...a great Edith Piaf sound!

A time to let your hair down...

Feel the music...

Or give your dad a new hair style! Loved her.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paris's Most Creative Window Displays

Every Paris trip, I think the window displays top the creative list...
Then they outdo the past...and wow me again!

Lanvin on St Honore is advertising their animal print clothes and accessories...
With blue animal pattern boxes stacked in shapes of the lion!

They go all out...missing no chance for creativity...
This woman lion is holding their handbag...fur draped on neck...

I love her claws made from jewelry!

Lion boxes with mannequins draped in Lanvin...

They deserve a bow!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How To Turn 60 Strangers Into 60 Friends in Paris...Every Sunday!

The sign hanging in Jim Haynes' Paris atelier reveals his passion...
Turning strangers into friends!

Every Sunday for 30 years, Jim Haynes invites 60 or more strangers to dinner in his atelier...
And with a magical talent for instantly remembering all 60 strangers' names, where you live, and what you do...he introduces everyone to everyone.

People come from all over the world, all ages, all interest and soon are chatting away with each other as if reuniting old school chums.

On my dinner last Sunday,
While chatting to a photographer from Martinique specializing in commissioned portraits..
I over hear "Chapel Hill", the home of my North Carolina university of many years ago.
I dash to discover how Chapel Hill works into Paris conversation....
a Duke University senior is in Paris for a wedding. The world is small.

Jim is again busy introducing me...this time to Clara, his next door neighbor.
She invites me to see her sculptures at her next door atelier . More intrigue, her father founded The American University in Paris!

A couple from Scotland just up and came to more fun to spend the weekend in Paris!

A woman in her 20s starting new job at the Australian Embassy.

The guest list has no borders!
I was so involved with the nonstop conversation, I almost overlooked the wonderful dinner. Jim has weekly volunteers being chef to the huge guest list with an ever changing interesting menu.

If you are in Paris on Sundays...give Jim a call and become a new friend.

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