Friday, May 4, 2012

Wandering Through A Sculpture Park

While driving in Skokie, along north branch of Chicago eyes kept wandering to sculpture after sculpture along the highway.

Quickly knew, I needed to park the car and explore on foot!

"La Souterraine" by Robert Smart (Steel and Cast Iron)

Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park is an example how private citizens can make a difference....a huge difference.

By the mid 80's, an eyesore of neglected land had the Village of Skokie planning to turn this area into biking and jogging paths...a good idea.

However private citizens turned a good idea into a great idea and proposed park to display large scale contemporary sculpture.

In 1988, their vision turned into a 2 mile long sculpture park of 65 sculptures by local, national, and international artists. Not housed in an indoor facility...but appreciated through weeping willows, picnic tables, bike and jogging trails.

"Fairy Circle" by Mark Chattenley. (High-fired Clay)

"Second Breath" by Maurice Blik ( Resin ) peaking from the trees

Or standing majestically in front of the trees

"Spread My Wings" by Barbara Goldsmith (Concrete)

Amazing how my worries melted away as I picked up the powerful energy...almost like osmosis!

Larry Paul King's piece of steel/tar/paint seemed to echo the surrounding bent over trees....the torture of windy city's weather.

Beauty and Grace....

Galvanized Steel...

Statues encouraging you to sit and enjoy...

Weeping Willows blowing in the wind....

From Dempster Street on the north to Touhy Ave on the south..
Take a walk, ride a bike, or bring a picnic...but GO!

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