Thursday, July 11, 2013

Find Everything At French Antique Fairs!

As an antique dealer, I can go through the gates to French antique fairs closed to the public.
1000-2000 dealers from France and beyond offering their unique pieces to antique dealers and interior designers.

Bring your running shoes...the fairs are the size of fairgrounds and open at 8am...
only a few hours to see and buy as the dealers pack everything up at 1pm!

I loved these seats from a movie theater in Milan, Italy!

If you collect religious would want everything...

A giant angel!

Lions sized for entrance of grand estates...

Paintings full of charm....

Bring your creative interior designer in UK quickly claimed this!

Do you prefer mid-century?

You only need imagination !

contact me at  for opportunity to buy on my next trip in October/November... stay home and receive photos daily as I discover.
Two months of finding pieces in France, Italy, and Spain !!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Your Portrait, Great Way to Remember Paris!

So many ways to remember a trip to Paris....

Bring home your portrait from one of the many artists set up in "Place du Tertre",
a lively square near the top of Montmartre.

Stroll down the aisles, watch the artists at work...
I thought this artist captured the young woman's energy..
She was alive on his paper!

This artist's work had such detail, his drawing revealed the man behind his face...

Does she approve?

Several years ago, I could not resist...and sat for my portrait here in the square.
I strolled the aisles, selected  Daniel, who seemed to give life to his paper...

He wanted to know "me" in order to capture me...
While he drew...he asked series of questions.
What 3 things would I take to a desert island?

What would you take?

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