Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Can You See In Your Mirror?

The French magazine, Maisons de Campagne, caught my eye with their March/April issue..
A standing mirror with three adjustable panels....
reflecting three unique scenes.

It is a mirror, a screen, and ART.
How see all of your favorite collections.

I want this mirror!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Decorate Your Space So Imagination Soars!

I am drawn to David Bromley's studio featured in May UK issue of ELLE DECORATION.
British-born and one of Australia's visual artists...
(working in film, photography, drawing, painting, poetry, and sculpture)
he has created his Melbourne studio/home in a prior Victorian arcade and hotel.

He decorates following his belief...
"Creativity is nurtured in a place where imagination soars".

Antique French chandeliers shine down on his artwork and found objects.

There is color, art, antiques, texture, a love for children, playfulness, surprises..
(did you notice the glass dome on the table?)
I could live in this room !

What encourages your imagination to soar?
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