Thursday, January 24, 2013

French Sculpture Resembles Origami

I was drawn inside the Paris shop by the vibrant blue sculpture...
its color, texture, sensual feel.

I discovered it was one of the works of Jean-Paul Moscovino.
 Moscovino was born in Paris in 1947 and first studied classical drawing, watercolor, and silkscreen before moving to sculpture.
He cuts and folds the metal with an origami feel...creating volumes from flat surfaces.
Color is important....often representing the blue sky or brown earth.

 Featured in French book of artist of metal sculptures.

 Larger examples of his works.

If you love his pieces as I do, add one to your home.
contact me at

Monday, January 14, 2013

Be Creative in Displaying Your Art

I love the old French artist easels....
the crank to adjust the height, the rollers on the bottom.
Imagine the paintings created on them?

Great for displaying art in your home.
Antique or Contemporary works.....mix old with new.

This over-sized one would be magnificent in a large room.

 Or..they can be the inspiration for taking that art class you have dreamed about.

Brushes at hand...

Contact me to add one  to your home.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Perfect French Table for Dog Lovers

 Found this handsome, rare French antique table in south of France..

Console table,  sofa table,  or fabulous desk for the dog lover in us.
Great addition to your dog painting collection.

Contact me to buy.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

19th Century Articulated Artist Horse Model and Rider

Discovered this museum quality 19th century articulated wooden horse artist model with rider in Paris.
Both painters and sculptors used such models in their work.

                                                                   Frontal View in Paris

In December, 2007, Sotheby's sold similar horse and rider from the Noortman Collection.
The pieces had been in the home of Robert and Angelique Noortman when they lived in Chateau de Groote Mot in Belgium, one of the oldest vineyards in Belgium.

Sotheby's estimate for the 2 pieces  had been close to $30,000.... sold for over  $100,000!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Be Green, Be Creative, Be French!

Years ago, I visited Maine.
I still remember their belief of  "Use Up, Made Do"..
They don't  always throw away and buy new....they use what is on hand.

The French have the same way to look at life...
They convert pieces used in one way years a purpose for now.

I discovered these wonderful ceiling lights in Paris...great shape, original color, industrial look.

Lights now....years ago "loud speakers"..
A creative way to be Green.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Buy With Me at Parma....Mercanteinfiera Trade Fair

 Modernism, Antiques, Art, Design.....It is ALL at Parma, Mercanteinfiera Trade Fair...

Have you always wanted to see.....and Parma?
Now you don't need a plane ticket, hotels, or guide.

You can be home and in Parma at the same time!!!!
Join me with my Your French Buyer to receive photos and buy during my trip in March, 2013.
Buy at my cost plus commission....see the largest selection at the best price.

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