Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love Locks in Paris

Returning from my favorite hot chocolate cafe on Isle St. Louis in Paris...
I discovered the thousands of love locks on Pont de l'Archeveche.
The bridge crossing from Notre Dame Cathedral to the left bank of the Seine is covered with
"cadenas de l'amour".

Lovers from around the world ..
engrave their intials, fasten the locks to the bridge, and throw the keys into the Seine..
proclaiming undying love!

Love locks stretch beyond Paris and can be found in several European cities...
Rome, Moscow, Prague, Cologne, Florence, and Pecs, Hungary.

Paris officials have not always looked kindly on this practice of showing love.
In May, 2010, overnight...
thousands of love locks were cut off from the bridge Pont Des Arts near the Louvre.

The officials' desire to 'preserve heritage' was overpowered by lovers that have now adopted
Pont de l'Archeveche.

What were the officials thinking??
Paris is more than buildings.
Paris inspires emotions.... beauty, romance, and love !

Sunday, June 19, 2011

French Fathers...Papa

I was in the south of France,
searching for special pieces for clients.
I heard jazz just down the street...
and then the love and dance between this papa and his young daughter,
caught my eye and my heart.

He was so proud...
so loving.

He is teaching her more than to dance to the street music...
He is showing her she is beautiful and loved.
Fathers have that ability.

Happy Father's Day....
may you always dance with your daughters!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

French Designed Clock Face Dining Chairs

Modern Caught My Eye !
Loved these clock face chairs by French architect Daniel Maniac.
He had 70 of the chairs made in Italy in 1999 in honor of a Paris "clock sculpture".

Imagine the Paris restaurant near the St Lazare train station that was the home of the chairs.

The clock face is on front and rear of the stiking sitting around a table!
The neck, square seat...
Truly like looking at a Grandfather Clock

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Favorite Angel

I have a love for angels......and she made me gasp!
I touched her with the tenderness of touching a newborn child.
17th century carved wood!
38" tall

Her face, her hair...
I have visited her in the Paris antique shop several days...
Not sure if I can leave her in France?

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