Friday, March 26, 2010

My 'Carrot' for Texas

After months of searching for my favorite french antiques,
weeks of being sure everything looks its best,
and hours of gently packing all into my truck.....
it is at last time to start my 14 hour drive to Round Top.
Remembering the beautiful moments surrounding Round Top will help ease the aches in my body.
No wonder my Texas clients love my charming French paintings,
for Texas has taught them to love beauty !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A French Atelier, artist studio

I search for paintings that capture a special insight into an artist.
It is rare to find an artist studio, his atelier.
As in interior paintings, the empty room gives us an invisible sense of the artist.
The studio is just as he worked, not readied for visitors.
A drawing is left lying on the floor...
We can imagine the artist, on his knees, sorting through his nearby portfolio.
One painting is casually propped on the table, facing the wall...
wine and coffee out.
A landscape still rests on his easel and we learn what subjects caught the artist's eye....
perhaps giving a clue to what part of France he lived??
A true peek into the artist's life !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lavishly Blooming Hydrangeas

Some gardeners have green grandmother must have had all 10 fingers green!
Her garden was filled with vivid colored flowers and her large, lush hydrangeas blocked the window view.
I rarely purchase floral oil paintings, as most pale to the beauty of the flowers I remember as a child.
However, this painting touched my heart!
The large framed size of over 40" in length will fill your my grandmother's flowers filled her garden.
Great tips for growing hydrangeas and passing along family memories

Paris-Roubaix, one of cycling's oldest races

A great find for cycling fans!
Le Paris-Roubaix 1933 painted cut-out wood sign.
The 70" length makes the cyclist come to life !
Started in 1896, the race is one of cycling's oldest and is famous for its rough, cobblestone terrain.
The winner is given a cobblestone (sett) as part of his prize!
Also known as The Easter Race, it is always on a Sunday, in early April.
This year, the race will be April 11, 2010.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Interior paintings, visual novels

Unpeopled interior paintings give us an invisible
sense of presence. Here we see a violin abandoned
in a chair and our imagination can suggest who and
where is the violinist...why did they leave?
The empty interior allows us to see the mood
and special qualities of the room.
I can see the wife arranging the flowers on the table, or gazing out the window...
what would she see?
Like novels...the paintings allow us,
in a pleasurable way,
to see how people lived.

My Favorite French Green Beans with Shallots

This haricot vert recipe is perfect after a long day
or for entertaining.
It is simple, takes 10 min to cook and the rich, slightly sweet taste will have your guests asking for the recipe.
1 lb 'skinny' french green beans
2 good sized shallots ( peeled and roughly chopped)
2 T butter ( I use a bit less)
Freshly ground pepper
French sea salt ( the finishing salt makes the difference)
Melt butter in a sturdy skillet on low med heat
Add the green beans and shallots ( I wash my beans just before cooking, so the beans are slightly wet)
Cover, stirring occasionally for 10 min ...or until the beans are as you like them
sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and the sea salt
serves 6...but I can eat half :-)
For easy and wonderful french recipes

Monday, March 22, 2010

Green for freshness, peace, and growth

In feng shui, green is a color of the 'wood element'
and will bring health and vitality.
Refresh and relax with these beautiful tall green lamps
made from pieces of a wrought iron balcony.

Pair of 19thc French Bergere chairs with ottoman

Align Left

Old, beautiful, and fabulously large !

Have you ever 'pushed' a car to buy art??

Through a private introduction, I met a french art dealer with a fabulous eye.
He does not have a shop, and allows me to accompany him to his private storage space.
First, we 'push' his car from the tiny area...then I can see his special pieces.
Followed, by 'pushing' his car back into place.
But oh, he has such special paintings!
Possibly a c1820 'school of Corot'
Come see at Marburger
Tent C, Booth Cd8

18thc French Gilt Bed Crown

A dream, to find a piece with such history... Over 250 years of history!
I was stopped in my tracks, when I spotted hanging in the window,
"Couronne de Lit" (pronounced koo RUN de lee)
And to add to the charm...from a "Chateau in Provence" !
Measures almost 36" in diameter and will be hung at Marburger
Keep for the bed or convert to chandelier with character
Very, very special !!
Tent "C"

Secret French Contacts

Antique dealers are very competitive.
We wake up early and travel far.
Contacts, not known by other dealers, are our prized possession.
We love to tell you the stories of our finds.....but never about our contacts.
I maintained a calm exterior...but was shouting 'yippee' inside.
My favorite contact had acquired a private collection of dog paintings !
Come fall in love with this 'green eyed' beauty or one of his friends.....I did.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

On the road to Round Top, Texas

April is nearing and it is time again for Round Top, Texas to stretch its seams as the 77+ residents welcome thousands of antique dealers and customers to the famous "Round Top Antique Week".

For months, I have searched France for my favorite french antiques, art, and objects of beauty....squirreled them from view of clients ......and next week load my truck for a 14 hour marathon drive to Marburger Farm Antique Show.

I will be posting throughout Antique Week.
Watch my booth come to life and experience Round Top !
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