Friday, October 11, 2013

Quality, Quality, Quality...French Trunk Maker Moynat is BACK!

Why does the new Paris, Saint Honore " Moynat " shop display their handbags surrounded by traveling cars??

Moynat, founded in 1849, was known for its travel trunks...
And even better known for its trunks that were designed with car travel in mind.

The creative curved bottom was designed to fit the exact width and shape of top of your car!
Even tailor made....and lacquered in same color as the car.

Who could have been involved with such an ingenious combine beauty, aerodynamics, and various colors for the new popular automobile travel?

A Woman...Pauline Moynat...and femininity arrived !

Unfortunately, in the 1970s, Moynat closed its doors.

Now, thanks to French billionaire Bernard Amault (owner of LVMH, maker of Louis Vuitton) 2011, Moynat was brought back to life!

After extensive research...antique fairs, libraries, and even antique car collectors...
the old craftsmanship that made Moynat successful was given a new twist.

And to honor the heritage of Moynat, they have a handbag named "Pauline". Bravo!

Notice the concave bottom of Moynat's new briefcase...
The same design that allowed the trunks to fit on the top of the car....
now allows the case to fit around your body.

Quality has not been compromised...
Takes weeks to craft each briefcase by hand !

In 1854, Moynat patented first waterproof trunk...

The modern handbag displayed atop a vintage trunk is also waterproof...
The fabric design is screen printed and in keeping with the vintage materials of the trunks.
Keeping the quality of the past...and updating for the present/future.

Are you ready to add such rare quality to your next bag or briefcase purchase??.

I am in Paris for 6 me at
What a fabulous gift idea...especially for yourself!

Location:Paris, France

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