Monday, October 28, 2013

Lunch in Provence

I knew when I saw the creative table setting....
Vintage record transformed to a placemat..
Lunch would be special.

The menu....decisions, decisions.
French restaurants often offer "Formule" menu.
An appetizer, main course, and dessert for a special price.

My appetizer...wonderful thin apple tart with a pudding like topping..
Sweet and savory at the same time.
Plus salad.

I always select the free water " carafe d'eau"
Bottled water is the price of dessert..
I prefer dessert:-) of my French favorites...a wonderful small red fish..Rouget fillets!

Dessert....never can pass up Creme Brûlée

Ambiance is as important as menu..
Outdoor tables by the river..
Ducks providing the entertainment.

Everyone was ready for lunch...
Ducks diving...
The rush to the canoes...guest tossing left over bread into the water..
Even the dog at full attention...hoping for a compassionate diner.

This guy was so handsome..
But the group bully..fighting with the others.

Look way back near the shoreline...he is now king of the mountain
Standing on the only his feet were above water.

I cannot even consider dinner..
Crackers and cheese til breakfast


  1. Good tip on the " carafe d'eau". That is what I usually order as well. Your lovely photos with the ducks swimming in the water by the restaurants bring back memories for me of a beautiful part of Provence - the Fonaine de Valcluse.

  2. Yes, normally the French also have "carafe d'eau". Americans tend to opt for the bottled water, I do try to live as others in France. Glad the ducks gave you a smile.Nance


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