Thursday, October 24, 2013

Amazing Stencil Graffiti Artist !

Don't you just love when a day brings a fabulous surprise...
Today, was one of those!
I stumbled on the amazing stencil graffiti artist, Nick Walker, from Bristol, UK.

Nick is credited with introducing stencil graffiti art to Bristol in early 1980's and thus influencing

And I didn't just discover Nick...I discovered him painting live in front of the famous Paris auction house Drouot.

Drouot has an auction tomorrow featuring established urban artist...Nick's work included.

Soon, the canvas was covered in layers of multi colored numbers...

Then...added his famous "Vandal" character...
The Vandal appears in Nick's series...popping up in paintings of Hong Kong, Taj Mahal, London, New York...a true world traveler!

More stencils, more color....more special!

The empty paint cans and empty coffee cans grew and grew...

To see more of his work

Location:Paris, France


  1. More! More! This is priceless! I love Banksy's work and was not familiar with Nick Walker. What always amazes me is the hand cut stencils they use. I also cut stencils and am curious about what materials they use. These pictures give me many clues. Merci!!

    1. More is coming! I am also posting the same beginning to end photo story on another stencil artist, Logan Hicks. After 8 layers of painting his stencil art...comes alive!


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