Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Behind Closed Doors, Provence

My curiosity said " why not look inside?? "

Started out as an adventure walk through twisting, narrow streets in

How can one resist seeing what is behind a door left ajar?

....texture and contrast of small stones added such beauty !
I couldn't look up for looking down..

What a fabulous way to start each day...
Walking through such beauty before going out the huge wood doors...

Would you want to leave ??

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lunch in Provence

I knew when I saw the creative table setting....
Vintage record transformed to a placemat..
Lunch would be special.

The menu....decisions, decisions.
French restaurants often offer "Formule" menu.
An appetizer, main course, and dessert for a special price.

My appetizer...wonderful thin apple tart with a pudding like topping..
Sweet and savory at the same time.
Plus salad.

I always select the free water " carafe d'eau"
Bottled water is the price of dessert..
I prefer dessert:-) of my French favorites...a wonderful small red fish..Rouget fillets!

Dessert....never can pass up Creme Brûlée

Ambiance is as important as menu..
Outdoor tables by the river..
Ducks providing the entertainment.

Everyone was ready for lunch...
Ducks diving...
The rush to the canoes...guest tossing left over bread into the water..
Even the dog at full attention...hoping for a compassionate diner.

This guy was so handsome..
But the group bully..fighting with the others.

Look way back near the shoreline...he is now king of the mountain
Standing on the only his feet were above water.

I cannot even consider dinner..
Crackers and cheese til breakfast

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Amazing Stencil Graffiti Artist !

Don't you just love when a day brings a fabulous surprise...
Today, was one of those!
I stumbled on the amazing stencil graffiti artist, Nick Walker, from Bristol, UK.

Nick is credited with introducing stencil graffiti art to Bristol in early 1980's and thus influencing

And I didn't just discover Nick...I discovered him painting live in front of the famous Paris auction house Drouot.

Drouot has an auction tomorrow featuring established urban artist...Nick's work included.

Soon, the canvas was covered in layers of multi colored numbers...

Then...added his famous "Vandal" character...
The Vandal appears in Nick's series...popping up in paintings of Hong Kong, Taj Mahal, London, New York...a true world traveler!

More stencils, more color....more special!

The empty paint cans and empty coffee cans grew and grew...

To see more of his work

Location:Paris, France

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beauty in All Things...The French Way

Presentation and beauty expected in France...
Never in too much of a do it right!

Ice cream cones served like flowers...
Pistachio in on edges....yum

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What I Never Expected To See In Paris!

I am always open for a new discovery....a surprise?
Today was one of those surprise days...

Imagine discovering this flying saucer shaped pod in the center of "Marche Dauphine", an indoor market at the famous flea market in Paris...

I had stumbled on a "Futuro House"...
Designed in 1968 by Finnish architect, Matt Suuronen, as a ski vacation house for a friend. His concept allowed a holiday house that was easy to construct, could stand in rough terrain, shed snow, and quick to heat!

Peeping inside...

26' in diameter

96 built until the 1970s oil crisis caused construction prices to soar as built from fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic.

Are you curious? adventure minded?? offered one for rental in North Wisconsin!

Monday, October 14, 2013

In France, Stop And Smell The Roses...And Lunch!

In Provence, buying for clients.

Sunday is market day....rambling through the small streets, stands after stands after stands of cheese, vegetables, olives, fruit, sausages, tapenade, soap from Provence, colorful towels for the kitchen, plus so much more.

My nose led me to a sidewalk stand...just starting his lunch specialty.
I arrived as he was adding mussels to his spiced broth....
Along the pan's edge are pieces of calamari wrapped around a ground beef mixture.

Next, he adds shrimp...

Atop the cooking shrimp, he gently places red and green peppers.
Presentation is key in France!

Stopping to sprinkle a spice mixture on his rotisserie chickens.

The aroma is his advertisement...
I ask how long? 30 minutes.
I tell him, "Je reviendrai!" (I will return!)

I am back!

He can see my smile and offers me a spoon filled with the finished broth...
I am sold!

My serving, 7 euros.

A nearby fountain provides my dining room...
Off for a hot baguette.

Yes, this is a bon appetit moment!
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