Monday, October 14, 2013

In France, Stop And Smell The Roses...And Lunch!

In Provence, buying for clients.

Sunday is market day....rambling through the small streets, stands after stands after stands of cheese, vegetables, olives, fruit, sausages, tapenade, soap from Provence, colorful towels for the kitchen, plus so much more.

My nose led me to a sidewalk stand...just starting his lunch specialty.
I arrived as he was adding mussels to his spiced broth....
Along the pan's edge are pieces of calamari wrapped around a ground beef mixture.

Next, he adds shrimp...

Atop the cooking shrimp, he gently places red and green peppers.
Presentation is key in France!

Stopping to sprinkle a spice mixture on his rotisserie chickens.

The aroma is his advertisement...
I ask how long? 30 minutes.
I tell him, "Je reviendrai!" (I will return!)

I am back!

He can see my smile and offers me a spoon filled with the finished broth...
I am sold!

My serving, 7 euros.

A nearby fountain provides my dining room...
Off for a hot baguette.

Yes, this is a bon appetit moment!

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