Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Favorite French Nude Artist: J. J. Henner

I always search for beautiful French nude paintings...as they are sought by my clients.
I quickly learned..it is my female clients that most often seek the sensual beauty of the paintings.

My favorite French artist for the nude is Jean Jacques Henner...known as J.J. Henner.
The above painting is one of his works that I sold in Atlanta. Henner was born in 1829 and was only 12 when he began his training. He made his debut at the Paris Salon of 1863 and exhibited regularly for 40 years...winning almost every award then available to artist. Although a well-known portrait artist, Henner is best known for his nudes...with cream colored skin and russet hair. He frequently included a blue cloth..as seen in the above painting and some of his auction records exceed $50,000.

You can view many of his works at the Jean-Jacques Henner Museum in Paris with over 500 canvases and 1000 drawings..including some of his first sketches and late unfinished works. The Museum is located at 43 Avenue de Villiers, Paris 75017.

I favor nudes in outdoor settings. The above painting( another redhead) is by the 19th century artist, Jules Armand Hanriot.

As decorators, do you suggest the use of nudes?


  1. Thank you...I would know a French woman would see the beauty. I discovered your blog on Theresa's www.artstheanswer.blogspot.com and visit often.

    I enjoyed your post today on restoration of angels. You are truly talented.

  2. I love these. When I was in Hong Kong visiting my daughter who lived there at the time, I saved all my "Mad Money" for oil paintings... I could have killed myself for not bringing more $$$$ as it was, I spent every dime I had , had to let my daughter feed me lunch on the way home and pay for the taxi ! LOL I was forced to leave behind these three nude painting that I wanted so badly. My daughter later when back to get them but they were not be found. They still haunt me... Love these!!!!

  3. Thanks for visiting French-Kissed. Your comments led me here and how glad I am for that. I stopped by a few days ago and got so caught up in looking at your site and your online shop that I had to rush off to keep an appointment. But I am back now to let you know how much I appreciate all of the info you provide and how much I enjoy looking at the pieces in your shop. You are a wonderful resource. So happy to meet you!


  4. Jermaine, What a wonderful comment!

    I visit your site often and had a heart-felt connection to your post on 'hydrangeas and old silver'. My love for hydrangeas started with my grandmother's garden and now you have given me great ideas to mix with the old silver.


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