Friday, June 11, 2010

Creative Antique Dealers, Scott Antique Markets

Love this was a cotton processing belt from the 40s!
A door transformed into a mirror...
One of the booths at the Scott Antique Markets, Atlanta this week-end.
The Antique Market of 800-1000 dealers is 2nd week-end each month, Thursday thru Sunday.
Always a fabulous mix of French, Italian, Swedish, American....and creative dealers.
You can also find "moi", aisle B3


  1. Love that door transformed into a mirror! Have a great weekend! xo

  2. Such a treasure box!!! One day I will visit!

    (Today my daughter had her French finals in school (Gr 7)and managed well! I am so proud!
    Language is such an eye opener!)


  3. Great idea for the mirrored door. WOw, 800-1000 dealers - I don't think I could stand all that wonderful temptation!
    Bonne chance!

  4. Yes Mimi, this is a great show. There are so many dealers with European imports, we attract designers and shop owners from all over the US.

  5. Awesome! I will try to come by next time I'm in Atlanta, I've been here before and it is fabulous! That's great, I'd love to say hi in person! xo!

  6. Shari, I view your blog I would love a chance to say hello. I know you formerly lived the loft how much better than..seeing a blogger I adore and one that loves lofts. xo

  7. That processing belt table is killer! So sorry I am not closer to "moi" or I would find you! ;)

  8. Theresa, Not only are you a fabulous blogger and exceptional artist... but your comments also make me smile. hint...Marburger is close to great to say hi in October.

  9. Looks like you could find a lot of treasures there! Wish I could have been there. thank you,

  10. i LOVE scotts mkt... if i lived anywhere close i would be there with bells on every show... (although i am sure i would be broke) love your blog... i can walk thru it thru you...xx


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