Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today is special....
July 4th PLUS the 2nd anniversary of my move to my studio loft that doubles as my home. My loft building is from the 30's with a spectacular view of Atlanta's city lights. Tonight at 9, everyone gathers on the roof to watch the firework displays. The roof's 360 degree view allows you to see multiple events...Lenox, Centennial Park, Turner Field, The Underground, and Stone Mt.

My favorite space is the way the sun sets outside my window...casting an everchanging shadow on the walls. The concrete floors welcome outdoor!
I placed my platform swing under the overhead fan....the breeze and view of the city lights puts me back to my childhood days of swinging on my grandmother's porch.

Love watching foreign films...
so mix a little R&R among my antique pieces, keeping my favorite art close at hand.

The space never looks the I sell and buy!

I love the feel of the exposed duct work and 14 foot ceilings.


  1. Fireworks on the roof?! I LOVE it!! Your loft is cool, it is like living in a really cool shop! xo

  2. What a cool place to live! I love the eclectic nature of your space, and knowing that it is ever changing and evolving is so inspiring! I'm sure you enjoyed the fireworks. I think I'm jealous!!

  3. Watching the fireworks was like a big family picnic with 50 and lots of champagne. Mother nature gave us a beautiful night.

  4. Oh, lovely.We watched in a neighboring town near the water! It was such fun as well!
    Your shop looks amazing, one day I'll come!

  5. Your loft is gorgeous!! It is how I imagine a Paris apartment.

  6. what a beautiful place you have! I cannot decide which part of the loft I like better, perhaps the bedroom.

  7. What a wonderful place to call home. I have wanted to live in a loft since I first saw Flashdance :]

  8. Indeed, the exposed duct is quite appealing. It makes the ceiling more noticeable. The hall is so spacious, and the window holds such a great view. People will enjoy staying here for celebrations and other events, with the great ambiance and relaxing view of the outside.

    Danielle Bailey


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