Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Is Alive In Paris!

No need to miss Thanksgiving traditional dinner in Paris...

A Marais shop comes to the rescue!
"Thanksgiving" exists year round at 20 Rue Saint-Paul...
Unique shop filled with American must haves!


Fresh or canned yams...

Even marshmallows for topping..

Pecans for make your own...or $40 buys a pecan pie ready for the table.

I could tell from the large stacks of cranberry sauce....Americans need our cranberries!

It's all here!

One American Dad shopping with his 2 children even splurged on pop tarts at almost $10 a box...

His 8 year old son was obviously homesick for the American foods he loved.
Glancing the shelves, he passionately told Dad ....
the store made him want to eat all of it!

Bring money!

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