Friday, November 8, 2013

Chocolates Fit For A King...And Queen, Marie-Antoinette !

Imagine...creating chocolate to make Marie-Antoinette's medicine taste better!
Even more creative than the bubble gum flavored cough syrup my granddaughter prefers.

Sulpice Debauve ( born in 1757) was the chemist ( medicine maker) for King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette.
When Marie-Antoinette complained of the taste of her medicines...he devised a mixture of cocoa, cane sugar, and medicine into coin shape disc.
Marie-Antoinette named them "Pistoles"...French name given to a Spanish gold coin from 1537.

Debauve created a variety of flavors....almond milk, the Queen's favorite and Louis XVI preferred the vanilla.

In 1800, Debauve left his small pharmacy and opened his first chocolate shop 30, Rue des Saints-Peres in Saint Germain.

Napoleon's personal architects designed the interior....antique marble columns and half moon counter, remaining today in the shop.

In 1823, he added another chemist , his nephew, Jean-Baptiste Auguste Gallais and together started distributing their "healthy chocolates" of almond milk, vanilla, and orange blossom.

named "Debauve & Gallais"

Shop window filled now with temptations!

Even small boxes of 10 "Pistoles", including a variety of their flavors.
I am sampling before selecting flavors for my granddaughters...

Will explain...even Marie-Antoinette liked her medicine flavored !


  1. How fabulously decadent! These are now on my list to try!

  2. Theresa, Not surprised your love of history would tempt you. Me too...once I learned about this shop, I had to go,! And the interior designed by Napoleon's architects...nance


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