Friday, November 22, 2013

Paris Artist Creates While Listening Live Jazz !

MARBLEU, an artist so filled with energy and talent, I never wanted to stop listening to her stories....

Her self portrait ( autoportrait in France) reveals a woman of many colors!

Her atelier at 26 rue du Delta, 75009 Paris hides from the passing eye...what lies behind that metal gate....

Beauty immediately greets you...

What lies inside is even more of a treat .
She was In the midst of renovating her vast atelier.

Light flooding down from the dramatic glass peaked ceiling...
She described the normal scene..
Pointing to where her long work table rests

And here, beneath these windows...would be her piano!

And not just a piano...but she only creates while listening to live jazz!
1-6 musicians would play...right here, inspiring her creations.

Easy to see the joy in her sculptures ...small bronze

Or large bronze..

She loves circus themed works....France loves circuses.

Not only sculptures....but her talent extends to paintings ...
And beyond!

I was fascinated by her " Vide Memoires " ( Empty Memories).
She has created a story with collected bits..some her own collections, some given to her by friends.

Placed in a drawer!
Often she stops on the street and collects discarded drawers or friends bring them over....
Knowing what a treasure this unwanted drawer will soon hold.

She told me her creative thoughts....her story.
She created with the biblical story of going fishing in mind..
An antique skate bottom is the boat..
A dice on top...luck is needed in fishing..
A small light is behind the shell...the sun
Even a small glass jar of real bait fish!

Her Jazz musicians truly inspire creativity!

To see Marbleu's atelier and her numerous works..
Visit her website

You never know what lies behind a gate or door?

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