Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Passion For French Wood Fragments

What calls you to want to
touch, hold, and take home a special French antique??
For me, it is like a soulful connection....a piece will catch my eye, my hands want to hold,
and then if I start to leave...a magnet pulls me back and the piece must come home with me....
it just must!!
This passion is strong when I see and hold an old, worn fragment.
How was it originally used, who has owned it, what has it seen?
Fragments can be used countless ways...
turned into lamps, sconces, over doorways and paintings, even mounted as statues....
but for me, I want them close at hand.
I need one nearby when I work at my desk.....
it will catch my glance,
and then my hands must give it a gentle rub.
As comforting as a child's stuffed animal.
The power of old pieces!!!
These fragments have all passed through my hands on the way to others.

If you would like to add to your collection, please give me your wish list.
I will be back in France in a few weeks.
Do you have a favorite fragment? Where did you find it?
Would love to see a photo.


  1. Well, the title alone made me stop and read! There is definitely a deep connection with the antique fragments. The patina of the gilding, the small imperfections...what caused certain areas to be rubbed down to the bare wood...I am envious of your trip...Bonne Chance!

  2. Thank you Theresa, Your love for the imperfections is why I enjoy my Texas clients...
    a true attraction to old pieces and what the wrinkles reveal.

  3. I was in a shop that sold French antiques and saw a self of 18th century carved water gilded fragments without prices. I asked the lady there what the price was, she could not find a price. She told me that she thought they over hundred dollars each but she would sale them to me twenty dollars each. I bought them all.


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