Friday, May 21, 2010

Before Louis Vuitton: Moynat

Today, Louis Vuitton is a household word.
However, in France, there were other important malletiers...trunk-makers,
or manufacturers of luggage and suitcases.
In 1849, 5 years before Louis Vuitton decided to start his own trunk-making business,
Jules Coulembier founded The House of Moynat.
Moynat was especially well known for their automobile trunks.
It was a time long before mini-vans and navigators...
a time when suitcases often rode on the outside of the car.
In the above ad, dated July 11, 1914,
Moynat is proud that they are the only one to guarantee their luggage for 5 years....
and have patented clasps on the ends, not available anywhere else.
The French dealer explained...
the thin, yellow trunk would have been tied down on the top of the car,
and the 2 smaller cases would have been on the rear trunk of the car (domed trunk on top).
I can imagine...gazing at a passing car with the tan, brown, and yellow trunks...
Not only beautiful, but aerodynamically sound.
The yellow trunk reminds me of French sunflowers.
It could wake up a room as a coffee table top!
If you can imagine one of these beauties in your home, send me an email.
I will return to France in a few weeks.


  1. I was not familiar with Moynat....incredible craftsmanship....true works of art in each piece! Enjoy your sleuthing through the brocantes!

  2. That was so interesting Nance! I had never heard of Moynat... thanks for enlightening me :)

  3. Thanks Theresa and La Dolfina for your interest.
    There is more on Moynat at Wikipedia

  4. Very nice site, I own two vintage Moynat trunks. a lesser known make but up there with goyard and louis vuitton for quality and craftmanship and I would think even more rare. just started my own blog site

  5. Thanks a lot for the inspiration. It is always a pleasure to visit your beautiful site. I have started doing a bit of research into MOYNAT and I also enjoy tracking exceptional trunks and vintage luggage. My blog :

  6. Although there are other famous luggage makers such as Prada and Louis Vuitton, Moynat never stopped making luggage. They may be quiet for sometime but they have vintage and elegant designs different from others. They also have a history to tell. :-)


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