Friday, May 14, 2010

Painting With A Bird's Eye View

Just returned from Paris and attended an art fair featuring several hundred of France's contemporary artist.
I popped in stand after stand ....and then I was captured by the oil paintings in the stand of Perrine Vilmot !
Her view of the world is creative and original.
It was as if she had climbed high in the trees.....and saw the world through the eyes of a bird.
By changing our view, she opened our eyes to details often missed.
A painting of two young children playing pick-up sticks, becomes mesmerizing!
She favored paintings with children and often used bold shades of purple, red, and green.
Sometimes her paintings contained 16-25 small scenes, that allowed the viewer to almost see life in a play.
Treat yourself and view her paintings
click "les tableaux" ( oil paintings)
Did life look different from above ??
(comments are always welcome)

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