Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Delightful Discovery, French Color

As my blog is about French antiques, objects of beauty, and....."delightful discoveries",
I thought Memorial Day week-end would be a good time to add some frolic to my post.
A long week-end is perfect for extra time with family and friends....grilling and entertaining.

On a recent trip to Paris, I discovered these colorful forks at a delightful shop off Saint Germain.
I placed them in my silverware drawer amongst my traditional pieces....expecting to use on occassion or with my young granddaughters. The surprise was, my hand continued to pass over the tradional pieces and go straight for the pretty, colorful ones...pausing only long enough for my inner voice to say "what color do you feel like today?"

I soon understood that now I was enjoying selecting my fork color the same as selecting my clothes for the day. Today I chose purple.

I hope eveyone has a fun and colorful week-end with those you care about.


  1. Lovely little forks! Everything in Paris is better. xo

  2. Thanks Debby Lee, I need some of your Paris cafe chairs from your post this morning. I may buy the sister spoons...I have an addiction to ice cream.

  3. I love it when the "unexpected" is added to the equation! I love the pop of color and bent handles. They are definitely delightful discoveries!


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