Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dreaming of White.... Beyond Christmas

I often enjoy window gazing in France in the early evening.....
sandwiched between discovering pieces for clients and dinner.

In Lyon, I was struck by the beauty of one of Max Chaoul's wedding dresses!
2012 collection

Easy to see why he was awarded...
"Best European Creator of Wedding Dresses" in 2000, Venice..
and 4 times the Wedding Trends Award in NY.

Can you imagine walking down the aisle in this beauty!!

Afterwards....the traditional French wedding cake....

A tower of creme-filled, puff pastry balls piled high like a Christmas tree...
with carmelized sugar....

or drizzled with chocolate....
or with icing, sugared almonds, candied ribbons??

The cake is named "croquembouche"
named for the sugar...meaning "crunch in the mouth".

I welcome my French readers to tell me more about this wonderful cake.....
and please invite me to a French wedding ;-)


  1. Oh tempting me with croquembouche... custard is one of my favourite things

    I took similar shots of the Max Chaoul's windows in Paris... and.. coincidently the artwork a few doors up [similar to your last post]

    Thanks for popping in.. the binoculars are indeed french antiques.. Have a lovely week.. ciao Julie

  2. Really a beautiful dress...
    Thank you for coming to my birthday.



  3. Julie...you and I both liked the same windows in France...I can see why I loved your blog.

  4. Cecilia, I visit your blog often...and suggest it to my readers. And, yes...the dress is awesome!

  5. So beautiful & inspiring. Have a great week!

  6. My husband grew up in France and his (2) sisters were both married there....
    I adore French customs and celebrations too.


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