Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wake Up Your Senses on rue de Seine, Paris

The art galleries on rue de Seine in Paris are a feast for the eyes
and the senses !

Color, texture, dimension vary with the artist exhibiting...

In December, Galarie Deprez-Bellorget's window caught my eye..
(15 rue de Seine, Paris 75006)
one could not miss the magnificent color of the sculpture by Rafael Barrios.
And even more...it jumped from the window as if I was wearing 3D glasses at the movie...
almost floating.

Rafael Barrios was born in 1947 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Venezuelan parents.
By age 11, his yard became his studio...where he built mobiles.

As an athlete in school, he remembers the sensation of the wind..
and carried this movement into his works....
always striving for his works "to move" the viewer...
giving us a unique visual experience.

Barrios's YouTube video speaks volumes...
his sculptures..
what drives him...
how sexuality adds to his creative process.
Be prepared to be moved!


  1. This is really fascinating Nance! He has really mastered the floating effect completely going against the laws of gravity. Nice post.

  2. Thank you, Theresa. Your blog always widens my education of art. Happy you liked this one!

  3. "How sexuality adds to the creative process..." And perhaps a nod to how creativity adds to sexuality? Sexuality creates life, creativity keeps it vital and pleasurable. Especially important in today's world where we live long lives and yet are over-stressed and hyper-fragmented. So here's to a beautiful 2012 where the two are happily linked! Great eye Nance, for spotting that piece and sharing the author's story.

  4. Thank you Victoria, The creativity/sexuality link is an insight not enough of us know....yet, affects all of us. I like comments that encourage us to discover!


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