Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Free Miracle Drug

How much do you spend on supplements to improve health??
My supplement store loves me :-)

But, did you know there is a daily supplement that is free, and..

Reduces frequency of colds..
Increases memory/learning...Students have higher test scores!
Improves alertness and creativity..
Lowers blood pressure...
Reduces stress hormones...
Increases oxygenation of the blood..
Even releases pain-suppressing opiates from pituitary gland.

What is this free mystery supplement?

Laughter, yes laughter can yield all of the above according to Sondra Kornblatt's book, "A Better Brain At Any Age".

Humor in France is everywhere..
The above gallery window on rue de Seine, Paris, brought a smile to my face.

Maybe it is more than the red wine that keeps the French healthy.

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  1. C'est vrai! Your blog usually puts a smile on my face so, you help keep me healthy!!

  2. Oh Theresa, You just put a big smile on my face . I am going to soak in that wonderful comment. Nance


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