Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Belgium Artist Includes His Life in His Art!

The creative, painted book sculptures of Pascal Courcelles
 quickly caught my eye at Paris Art Fair
The bold colors, towering shapes....I wanted to know more.
More about the sculptures....More about the artist!

This thirst for more...sent me traveling to his studio outside Brussels.

His passion for his work was obvious as he talked about his inspiration for the book sculptures.
His deep belief that "books" are such a foundation of life, he included "his life" in his work...
Books from his parents, his grandparents...
books on art, books with knowledge, even a cookbook...

No longer left on shelves...but now part of his sculptures, to be seen, to be enjoyed!

Having his life part of  his art continued in other works...
The colorful tall sculpture tower made from his used paint tubes...

Old Postcards received from friends...painted and now given new life.
Now, to be enjoyed in "our" homes...
Talk about "living green"!

Pascal Courcelles, an artist sharing his life, his love for color!

To include one of his works in your home, please contact me at

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