Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Far Did I Walk on French Buying Trip??

Finding special pieces for clients in France requires knowing the right sources, discovering new ones and
walking, walking, walking!

Before departing March 20 for 4 weeks in France, my daughter gave me a "FitBit", a wonderful small gadget that measures miles walked, steps walked, calories burned and connects to the computer at end of day.

My body has told me I walk milesssssss....but just how many???
And the miles are not always level....stairs galore in metros, 72 stairs to my 4th floor walkup studio apartment.

After 29 days, my total was 209.5 day 11.8 miles.
To put in perspective....Atlanta is 244 miles from Charlotte.
No wonder the French are healthy!


  1. Goodness! You must have the backside of a teenager.

  2. Great! Good it is indeed a thing to be applauded. It would have been better if you would have also done some shopping for french antiques because France is famous for that.


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