Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small Art, Big Impact

Art can be small but deliver a great impact!

Even though less than 10" long, the sculpture was like a magnet, pulling me to view and view some more.

Wu Junyong's, "Arm Pointing To The Distance", was hung on a large blank wall in small Shanghai gallery.....
The tapered, extended finger fueled my imagination...
It didn't allow me to be stuck in the now....but propelled me to what "might be".

Wu Junyong, born in 1978, is one of China's new generation of artist developing fresh, unique art and messages. Some even think Junyong may be the most important artist in China today!

His art often "tells us what we know but are afraid to talk about" and in a way hard to ignore....
As in, "Wait Us Rich", where he delivers his comments on China's current nouveaux riche movement with PUNCH and playing it PG rating.

More Wu Junyong art images

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