Sunday, December 18, 2011

Look Where I Stayed in Paris!

How would you like this Paris window view each morning?? (8am, December).

Last week, I stayed with my American friend, Victoria, who enjoys this window
in her great apartment in the 6th arrondisement (metro:Odeon).

She shot these photos while I was there....I envy her eye and her apartment!

This will make you hop out of bed, throw open the window,
and breathe new life..
Leaving the view only long enough to bring back the first morning espresso...

Glad I was not the one off to the kitchen to make the espresso.
Or...seeing the golden Eiffel Tower with its rotating beacon just before going to bed...
(same window, 8pm)

Oh, the dreams this view can spark....

Victoria, on the Pont des Arts bridge with its famous love locks on the fence
and view of Eiffel Tower in the background...

My trip timing was perfect for one of her Paris meetup groups...
The group was filled with an interesting, welcoming mix of women and men..
loved their stories of what led them to Paris.

The hot pumpkin soup, homemade brownies, champagne and more
was not the only things that warmed my heart...
They eagerly wanted info on my blog, quickly inviting me to other expat meetings..
making me think...would it be time to make Paris home?

and Victoria has the most interesting job ...

I guess she takes her own advice about living with pleasure!


  1. Wow, the view from the top is so cool! The buildings and other structures may seem old, but the rooftop designs look quite outstanding. The beacon of light from the Eiffel tower made the view more astounding.

    Freddy Wingfried

  2. Oh my, that is a stunning view from the rooftop! It's great to stay in buildings that have an accessible rooftop. That way, visitors can be treated with a view of the skyline. Well, you're very lucky to see Paris from there. Cheers!
    [William Gulliver]

  3. Love to wake up the city of lights!

  4. I've never heard of a pleasure coach, but I could sure use one this morning. I've got the blues and can't seem to get out of them. The views from her apartment are wonderful. I love interesting rooflines as you always find in old cities. Lucky you to have a friend who lives there!

    I'm new to your blog and really enjoyed the visit. I have French ancestors so am always glad to visit the 'Old Country'.

  5. When I saw these photos, I immediately fell in love with Paris! You only need to look out your window to be amazed at the classical beauty of the local scenery. And the Eiffel Tower is certainly a site to behold. You can't go to Paris and not visit that iconic structure!


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