Wednesday, December 7, 2011

French Antique Fairs....See What I See

This fair was only for professional antique dealers and you must present identification and pay a fee to enter..

Remember "everything is fair in love and war"...
So it is everyone for themselves when an antique/brocante fair opens!
We want to find the best pieces for our clients, so quickly trying to see something special before another spots it first.

At 8am normally the gates open and the French dealers start unloading their trucks.

No time for breaks...the French dealers start loading everything back on their trucks at 1pm...

Trying not to step on the cute dogs...dogs go everywhere in France

Paintings can be displayed formally on easels...

Or paintings worth thousands of dollars scattered on the floor...
Good idea to watch where you step!

I loved this young girl, looking at her book, with her doll close at hand...
The artist captured her beautiful, angelic face !

Or this woman artist, painting among the garden...dressed as if ready to attend a gala...American artist did this one.

Remember reminding your children not to get paint on their clothes?..
Not a worry here.

Find a frame for that painting that needs the perfect partner.

tapestries....loved the red roof and blue water.

Italian doors...

pieces from buildings...

Architectural fragments waiting for a creative eye ....

Dig deep in the unopened boxes...

Pair of 19th century bronze Venetian fabulous the patina of the bronze.

new ideas...lamp made from binders of old books

mirrors...gilt or silver...all shapes and sizes

Never overlook the tables...covered with a wealth of treasures!

Did your heart long for any of the pieces...I can contact the dealers.
Email me!


  1. I am jealous! LOL! I love all the craziness and energy at these events. The book lamp is nice and some of that salvage is pretty tempting!

  2. There is plenty of craziness...when the doors open, sort of like a stampede!


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