Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rent a Floating Barn....and Change Your Life

I love discovering a new food, place, idea.....a new experience.
"The Balancing Barn" caught my attention for holiday rental.

The Dutch firm, MVRDV, lived up to their worldwide reputation of designing with
"ingenuity, playfulness, and comfort".

Why floating??
MVRDV's answer....
" its footprint is smaller and the landscape feels much larger,
and to make a gesture that would stick in our minds"

The Barn is located on edge of nature reserve, only a few miles from UK's Suffolk coast,
and is available for 3 night week-end rental and longer through
Living Architecture.

Living Architecture's Alain de Botton, is driven by his belief
"architecture changes our characters"
and wants "people to think more about what buildings do to us".

The Swiss-British author, philosopher, and broadcaster did not stop
with writing his recent book, The Architecture of Happiness.
He realized "talking and writing aren't always enough" and decided
"to have a go at making some good architecture".

He added a twist....and made the experience available to the public with holiday rentals.

Want to wake up and shake up your senses???

The living room sways when guest move...
creating a "sense of floating in air".

And with those window views, you may never turn on the TV.

Did it stick in your mind?
Want to book? Sleeps 8!


  1. Very, very interesting. I assumed from the title that the barn was floating on water! I love learning about different ways to feel and look at architecture!

  2. Hi Ann, The cool, green view from the windows might let us forget our heat wave...Atlanta and Texas!


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