Sunday, October 3, 2010

Treasures Found At Marburger Farm Antique Show

Driving home today from the Marburger Farm Antique Show, Round Top Texas and thinking about the treasures of the show.
Treasures to me are those special finds that give you joy, a smile...and make it a day to remember.

In my Marburger booth, the 1917, 4 foot long dog painting was the hit of my booth.
5 minutes after the show opened, a customer's smile said it would be her treasure to take home.

I had a hard time deciding to part with this French papier mache dog ....
I often found myself stroking his nose or playing with his original velvet collar with tiny bell.

I remember my smile in Paris when I discovered this pair of 18th century painted wall brackets
.....easing the pain of waking up before the sun.

This week at Marburger, treasures were everywhere.....the wonderful finds in all the dealers' booths AND the wonderful finds of friends...old and new.

Corey Amaro, Tongue in Cheek blogger was visiting Marburger this week....and brought Yann, known to us all as FH or French Husband.

I am still smiling as I remember her witty, animated stories during the past days.

And Yann deserves a medal for his many kind deeds for dealers during the show, a chest of medals! He even taught me to use Skype on my computer.

Plus the warmest hearts...when Corey heard a plumbing crisis had me searching for a new room (when every room is booked for miles and miles)....she, Yann, and her friend, Lynn (The Side Door Antiques) welcomed me, a stranger, into their rented house.

Treasures to me... special finds that give you joy, a smile...and make it a day to friends.


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so excited you left a comment on Hill Country House! I was at Marburger and commented to you, " How many times could you have sold that dog painting today?"
    I loved your booth and picked up a card so I could follow you and get to your booth sooner next time. I really hope you had a good show. I will add your blog to my list of favorites and will be following you from here on. Safe travels.

  2. I remember NOW..yes, Oh my gosh!
    How great our paths crossed...blogging unites in a special way. Nance

  3. How fun for y'all to meet this way!! I hope the dog painting has a happy home since it didn't get to go home with Ann:( The tapestry is stunning!!

  4. Thanks Joan, The tapestry also found a happy home in Texas.

    The Marburger show attracts so many clients, it is my favorite show!


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