Monday, January 20, 2014

French Marriage Globe Gets New Face!

Marriage Globes, "Globe de Mariee", originated in France in the 19th century
 for married couples to display their wedding souvenirs. 
Like the one above, they may hold the bride's wedding crown, her flowers,
 or...mirrors and brass cut-outs
Symbolic items often selected together by the couple.

Orange blossoms as in the above globe, represented virginity.
birds represented love, and a dove a desire for peace in the home.

Mirrors had many meanings..
The central mirror was reflection of the soul...
oval mirrors... good luck gifts from bridesmaids..
trapezoidal mirror...the perfect agreement...
the number of small diamond-shaped mirrors... how many children the couple wanted!

Today.....the glass domes take on a new face.....

create your own vignette...

New homes for collections....

Simple group of balls take on more importance...

Even shop owners create displays.....
 jewelry now catches your eye.

perfume is more noticed!

Contact me to locate your favorite shaped dome...
Just add your imagination!


  1. I have seen glass domes but never realized they were used as wedding memorabilia. Nice idea that could be continued today with I am guessing any major event.

    1. They would work great to bring inside some garden theme collection.
      Thanks for reading...Nance


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