Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do You Collect the Whimsical Pieces of Louis Durot?

What a magical table by Louis Durot!
 5 foot in diameter

It reminds me of the Stalactites hanging from the ceiling in Virginia's Luray Caverns  
from my childhood family vacations.
Luray Caverns awed me at age 10 and Durot awes me again!

On a recent buying trip to Paris, I met a dealer specializing in Louis Durot... Exciting!
As a long time personal friend of Durot, he had a large collection of special Durot pieces.
They are writing a new catalogue together.

Sensual Chairs with the famous Durot spiral....

Giant Wall Sculptures!

Louis Durot was born in 1939 and was trained as a chemical engineer.
An expert in plastics, he creates vibrant pieces that almost feel like they move.
At 70+ he is still creating. And in December, he was in China teaching...amazing!

What a wonderful engineer mind and an artist soul.

I am returning to France in a few weeks and excited to see Durot's new collection...

If you would like to add some Durot magic to your home, contact me
The magical blue table above is available!

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