Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Would You Buy at a French Supermarket?

Confiture (jam) and a baguette are often start of the day with espresso... But no need to stay with ordinary.

Clementine ?

Fig with walnuts?

Shelves filled with Muesli choices..

In France, customary to use yogurt atop cereal rather than milk.... Or alone.

Apricot one of my favorite!

This one with hazelnuts had me imagining the taste!

Love choosing my eggs for the
Mini cartons of 6.

Eggs and omelette are saved for lunchtime in France.

Milk you stock in the pantry not the refrigerator...

Bio.. Organic very popular.

Ready for a picnic..
Yummy Gaspacho in cartons.

Tapenade for fresh baguette.. Green or black olives.

Or tasty olives packaged easy for the picnic basket.

Sardines very popular in endless

And the famous French dressing!

Can't go without wine!

Great wine for $5-$10

Or for $20-$25 one costing so much more in USA.

More choices later... Time to sample

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