Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beauty in Chattanooga

What a wonderful surprise to find more than you expect..
so was my first trip Saturday to Chattanooga.

Beauty and sculptures abound in the Bluff View Art District.

My favorite?
"Icarus" by Russell Whiting

ready to leap off the bank and soar over the river

My biggest surprise?

Deborah Butterfield's horse sculpture appeared to be from driftwood...
Actually cast bronze with patina.

She is known for her graceful sculptures of horses that look like they are made of wood.
I never would have guessed!

I love groups of "3" much warmer than only 2

"Adolescence" by William King

"Grandfather".....he captured the love.

Remember the 'jacks' we played as children...are you that old 'too'?
A new twist called "Walking Jackman" by Ernest Trova.
"Couple in Two Benches" by George Segal appear to be looking over the river...or at each other!

So much more to discover in Chattanooga...
But I favor leaving more for another trip.

I so enjoyed, I can already feel Chattanooga calling me back!


  1. You've captured downtown beautifully. It's our closest city, although we've spent very little time there. Your photos have inspired me to take more time to look around.

  2. Thank you Sam, I was truly taken by the abundance of art.

    I WILL be back, Nance


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