Monday, January 31, 2011

Cooling off in July in Avignon

This is July in the south of France !

I was in Avignon in July searching for my favorite French antiques...
If you have been in the south of France in July...
you know it can be SCORCHING hot!!

A truck was going through the narrow city streets of Avignon...
Blowing out huge, COOL, soapy-like bubbles !

Men and women forgot their age...
they forgot to worry about their shoes buried in inches and inches of bubbles..
they remembered being children.
I allowed the bubbles to cover my hair, my clothes...
( I 'tried' not to worry about my shoes)

So if the winter weather has you down...
think "what would you do" for even an hour of cold in July??


  1. So, so true about it being hot in Provence in the summer. That explains all of the lovely shutters on the houses. The French are clever that way - mixing beauty with practicality.

    The bubbles look like such fun.

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