Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December in Paris...with French Humor

December in Paris...cold and snowy !
So cold, even the restaurant chairs in St. Germain are wearing vests and jackets....
And the pig has on his scarf !!
French humor always brings on a smile..
My toast for 2011... feel the joy!


  1. How cute is the little piggy?! Happy New Year to you! xo

  2. Paris has been cold and snowy this year - hope you have a wonderful time. Will you be here through the new year?
    The French do have a sense of humour after all - my French husband certainly does.
    I wish you a Happy New Year!

  3. to quote a good friend..."le brrrr"....!

  4. Paris is magic any time of the year and very cold in December but you forget it just enjoying the scenery and the sparkling lights.
    Bonne Annee!

  5. Oh, I so agree, Paris makes me smile on the inside and out....and who can be cold when smiling??

  6. Monsieur Pig has the most wonderful taste! no pun intended...I love his scarf!

  7. Nance, what charming photos of Paris. I'm still smiling at Monsieur Pig with his French scarf. You are so right - the French have a wonderful sense of humor.


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